Live on the Sunshine Coast

Live on the Sunshine Coast is my YouTube page/newsletter where I explore life on Canada’s West Coast (both the good and the not so good). If you’re trying to imagine what your life will look like after you relocate, these videos will fill in the blanks.

Sunshine Coast Vlogs

In my vlog, you’ll experience a slice of life on the Sunshine Coast! You’ll come with me as I run errands and go on outdoor adventures like hiking and paddling. There are endless things to do on the Sunshine Coast and I’ll show you some of my favourites!

Sunshine Coast Podcasts

In my podcast, I cover topics like the difference between the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island, what to do when you feel homesick, and what to do with your car when you relocate to BC.

Sunshine Coast Newsletter

If you’re not into social media, you can sign up for my newsletter that’s updated each time I post a new video. Each video is shared as an article with lots of related photos.

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